Friday, May 27, 2011

Liberty Day History Display from 2011--pt. 20

This is a short chronology of battles, events, etc. of the American Civil War.

Confederate victories denoted by gray; Union victories by blue. Draws are orange.

1860 December 20 South Carolina secedes from United States

1861 April 12-13 Fort Sumter, SC (begins Civil War)

1861 July 26 First Bull Run, VA (First major battle, Federals crushed)

1862 March 9 Hampton Roads VA, Draw (U.S.S. Monitor vs. C.S.S Virginia)

1862 June 25-July 1 Seven Days’ Battles, VA (McClellan retreats north, abandons campaign to capture Richmond)

1862 April 6-7 Shiloh, TN, (Confederates fail to block union of two Federal armies)

1862 August 28-30 Second Bull Run, VA (Lee crushes Pope’s army, rolls McClellan toward Washington D.C.)

1862 September 17 Antietam MD, Draw (McClellan defeated, but stops Lee’s invasion of North)

1862 December 11-15 Fredericksburg, VA (Burnside’s rush on Richmond halted)

1863 May 3 Chancellorsville, VA (Lee crushes Hooker, but Stonewall Jackson killed)

1863 May 14-July 4 Vicksburg, MS (Confederate fortress on Mississippi River captured)

1863 July 1-3 Gettysburg, PA (Lee’s second invasion of North stopped)

1863 September 19-20 Chickamauga, TN (Confederate victory, but Chattanooga still in Union hands)

1864 May 5-7 Wilderness, VA, Draw (Grant’s invasion of Virginia continues)

1864 May 8-21 Spotsylvania Court House, VA, Draw (Grant’s invasion of Virginia continues)

1864 November 15-December 21, Sherman’s March to the Sea, GA (Sherman fights and burns from Atlanta to Savannah)

1865 March 29-April 9, Appomattox Campaign, VA (Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia surrenders to General U.S. Grant)

1865 April 26 Johnston surrenders, NC (Confederate General Johnston of the Army of Tennessee surrenders to General Grant and Sherman)

1865 May 5 Confederate Government dissolved, VA (President Davis declares government dissolved and flees)

1865 May 10 Jefferson Davis captured, VA (4th Michigan Cavalry captures Confederate President)

1865 May 26 Kirby Smith surrenders, LA (General Smith surrenders last major Confederate army)

1865 June 23 Stand Watie surrenders, OK (General Watie surrenders last Confederate force under arms)

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