Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer in Color!

You might be thinking - "but summer is already in color!" You're right. ;)

As I did in April, I'm writing a nature post. One of my favorite subjects to photograph! Not only plants, but we have some reptiles too!

Lots of daisies are in bloom right next to our porch.

They keep spreading!

This is a magenta Snap Dragon. I thought we'd pulled them all out last fall, but I guess we didn't!

I took this one in the late afternoon, so the sun was at the perfect spot for this shot.

Part of the view from our backyard.

Guess what? We have two garter snakes around our yard! This is the smaller of the two.

We found this little toad on the railing of our deck. He was difficult to get off, but I did manage. 

Off the railing, but not off the deck yet.

So I tried to catch him.

It worked!

Or, maybe not.

This little toad was so jumpy! I finally got him into a jar so I could take him off the deck and on solid ground. My little sister came running over to me when I brought the toad down in the jar, and said that she wanted to hold him. I told her she could, and as soon as I took my hand off the top of the jar, the toad wouldn't come out! I gently picked him up and out, and he jumped from my hand onto my little sister's arm! She laughed and laughed and the toad kept jumping higher and higher up her arm! Finally he jumped off and away.

Being inspired by the toad we'd found, my little sister decided to take some time to try to find another one, but unfortunately, she didn't find any.

We usually find at least one toad every summer, sometimes more than one. Fun, isn't it?

In Christ,

Amara Jachim

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tirzah's 6th Birthday: A Photo Shoot

First off, I have to tell you that I really enjoy taking pictures. I've done nature, mostly. But I wanted to photograph people as well, so, since my little sister's birthday is coming up on the 10th of this month (that makes a good excuse), I asked her to be my model. Of course, she said yes.

Here are the pictures of the birthday girl, Tirzah:

She's getting to be such a lady! 

Happy birthday, Tirzah!

In Christ,

Amara Jachim