Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring in Color!

It's finally spring here in Michigan, and the robins and geese are back!
Something (I'm not sure what) inspired me to take some photographs of the greenery outside. Maybe it is because I love tulips, green grass, and trees. Maybe it is because I wanted photography practice, or maybe, just because I love spring! Call it whatever you want, but I had a blast taking pictures of nature! Anyway, here are my pictures (and commentary) of the growth around me:

This was the first tulip to bloom this spring...I was so excited! 

I thought this one was going to be white until I got a closer look! 
I was surprised at how the colors blended together perfectly.

This is probably my favorite tree on our property.
I was going to lie on the ground to get this shot, but since I didn't want my hair and clothes covered in dirt, grass, and leaves, I decided to stand insead.

I can't believe how green (some) of the grass has gotten already! 

I love golden-yellow tulips! They remind me a little of daffodils, the "springiest" flower I think there is!

Last fall we planted a lot of tulips lining our walkway to the porch.

This picture was hard to take because my camara wouldn't focus! 
But once I did take the picture, I think it turned out great!
Just think when this tree will bloom with flowers!

This tulip hasn't fully opened yet, but I took this picture because I liked the leaves... I haven't seen any like it before!

Here is the final picture of a plant we planted a while ago. It's a pretty burgundy, especially in summer!

That's the summary I have of growing things this spring for now, but I'm sure there is a lot I didn't cover! I like that the weather is warming up, but summer seems nearly on us! Spring goes by fast...don't miss the beauty of it!

In Christ,

Amara Jachim