Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, Amara!!

Amara reached a milestone on July 25 by turning 9 years old! It is with a heart of joy and love that we provided her with the following birthday letter in honor of this special occasion!


It is with great joy that we celebrate your 9th birthday!! We love you very much and it is very special to see you growing, learning, and developing day by day! You have shown yourself to be a loving sister to Tirzah and we pray that you will always have a very tender place in your heart for her (and each of your siblings). We also pray that you will continue to have a great love for babies by seeing them as a gift, blessing, and heritage of the Lord. May you be making the most of the time while you are growing up in our family by following our direction in training you for your future. With your commitment to Christ and your dedication to following the Lord, your coming years are very bright and full of promise.

We will be diligently working to prepare you for being a help-meet to your future husband and a loving mother to many children. As a part of this training, there are many skills that you will be needing and many additional skills that will be beneficial in these future roles. One of the joys that we have in being your parents is to provide you with tools that will help you in your life. Two of the skills that can be a blessing to those around you now and those that God will provide in your future family are knitting and crocheting. It is with this idea in mind that we include gifts for you this birthday that will enable you to develop these skills. We hope that these gifts will be useful and a joy by allowing you to learn new crafts. In addition, we hope that these gifts will communicate our love to you, as well as our commitment to training you.

Amara, it is a blessing to have you as our daughter and we are praying that you will be growing and learning day by day. We are excited to be on this journey of the Christian life with you. We are confident based on Holy Scripture that as you are obedient to the commandments of the Lord, that God will bless you with a life that is joyful, exciting, and filled with great hope!

We love you, Amara! Happy Birthday!!

Love Always,

Dad and Mom