Monday, May 23, 2011

Liberty Day History Display from 2011--pt. 16

What Lessons Can We Learn from the Civil War for Today? (Part 1)

As we look at the people and the events of the Civil War, there is much we can learn that we can apply today. Consider the following lessons:

      • The Bible is the foundation for all of life - From the theological compromises of the Church, we can see the necessity of being firmly grounded in God’s Holy Word. Compromise within the church affects the body of Christ and the nation as a whole.
      • The importance of unity within the body of Christ - From the splits within the Church, we learn about the significance of unity. While unity should never be maintained at the expense of the truth of Holy Scripture, those within the Church should be fighting together to advance the kingdom of the Lord.
      • The significance of studying history from primary sources - From the distortion of the truth about the reasons popularly given for the Civil War, we should be inspired to look to primary source material (records written by people actually involved in the events). As you study and understand the events in history, you will be able to discern errors being espoused and not be led by those teaching those errors.
      • An appreciation for God’s sovereign grace - From the inspiring testimonies of salvation that occurred during the Civil War, we should stand in awe of the Lord for how He can use many different, difficult, and trying situations to build His Kingdom.

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