Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday, Jordan!!

My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother: For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck. (Proverbs 1:8-9, KJV)

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

It was 17 years ago today that the Lord blessed us with the birth of our first child, Jordan Christopher Jachim! What a tremendous privilege and responsibility God has given us in training Jordan according to God's Holy Word! The journey thus far has been a road filled with many precious memories as we have seen Jordan grow from the precious and highly dependent stage of infancy to the strength of godly manhood.

Reflecting back on the day of Jordan's birth, our hearts are filled with joy! Contemplating the last 17 years along with the physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth that we have seen in this young man, our hearts are filled with gratitude! As we look to the future for the Lord's direction for Jordan's dominion work, our hearts are filled with excitement and hope!

Jordan, I am so grateful to be your father and I pray that I will effectively lead you according to the perfect law of God! My prayer for you is that you will be a man of holiness, righteousness, and godliness! As you seek to live according to the way that the Lord has ordained for you, may you be diligent in fulfilling the good works that God has prepared for you, joyful as you live a life that is dedicated to the King of kings, and fruitful in impacting this world for the advancement of Christ's kingdom!

Happy 17th Birthday, my son!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liberty Day History Display from 2011--pt. 22

The Paper Soldiers
What’s the display? On Day 3 of Gettysburg, General Lee ordered General Pickett’s division to charge the Union lines. One of Pickett’s subordinates, General Armistead and his men broke through, but they were overwhelmed and wiped out by Colonel Webb’s Philadelphia Brigade. The board depicts Armistead at the farthest point through the Union lines, known as the “High-water mark of the Confederacy”.

  • How many paper soldiers are there? 361 men

Union: “Webb’s Philadelphia Brigade”--Total: 153

Confederate: “Armistead’s Brigade”--Total: 208

    • Who’s in charge on the board? General Lewis A. Armistead and Colonel Alexander S. Webb
    • What’s that clump of trees? Historians call it the “Clump of Trees”. General Lee used that to direct Pickett’s division to the charge.
    • Why is only one cannon firing? Lieutenant Cushing was out of ammunition.

The soldiers on the display are reduced 1/10 from their strength at Gettysburg; hence the 69th Pennsylvania had 324 men, and so on.


Paper soldiers found on www.juniorgeneral.org

Designers: Nicolas Schneier, Ungern, Daniel Harper, Clive, Old Tyke, Jarrett Voight, John Gypson, Russell McCreight, and Michael Krein.

Numbers at Gettysburg: Jenny Goellnitz at www.drawthesword.goellnitz.org

General Armistead led his brigade at Gettysburg with his hat on his sword

(soldier by W. Britains www.wbritains.com)