Friday, January 30, 2009

Changing Shape

I thought I would post monthly photos of my blossoming middle. I am ready for the second month's photo and never even posted the first!

So, here is what I looked like right around New Year's Eve at 12 weeks.

Just barely showing. Some women do not show at all at this point, but I was already not fitting into some of my skirts! Wait until you see how much more I have grown only in this past month. I will need to get a new photo this weekend. Hopefully I will post it next week. It seems we get a bit delinquent in our blog posts.....

By the way, our mantle does not normally look that empty. We just finished taking down Christmas decorations and had yet to put our normal decorations back up. I did not even notice until posting this photo, or I would surely have put everything up there before taking the photo!