Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scripture Memory: Memverse

Memorizing scripture is so important!  What a blessing to have these verses and paragraphs and even chapters of the Bible hidden in your heart for the Holy Spirit to bring to mind at the moment you need it.  We have found a great online tool for memorizing the Bible: Memverse.  It is a very helpful program that allows you to put in the verses or chapters that you would like to memorize.  Every day you can work on it, and it tracks your progress.  Once memorized, it will occasionally remind you to study that verse so that you do not forget it.

We have been using this for over a year, and still think it is an excellent tool.  Be sure to try it out.  Make scripture memory a part of your life (whether you use this tool or another)--it is vitally important.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday, Jordan!

It is with great joy in our hearts and a blessed hope for the future that we celebrate the birth of our first-born son, Jordan.  This year is a special milestone as Jordan turns 18.  It is an excellent time to reflect on the past looking at how Jordan has been a blessing from the Lord and to look forward to the future looking at what God will be doing in and through Jordan in the coming years.
We are so very grateful that our heavenly Father has given you to be our son.  We are filled with incredible gratitude for the work that He has done within you - especially over the past few years where we have seen you grow and mature in godly, Christ-like character.  You have been a man that has shown himself to take responsibility, has demonstrated a strong work ethic, is correctly dividing the Word of Truth in a consistent manner, and has solid convictions for which you are willing to stand.  We praise the Lord for the work that He has done in your life over these past 18 years and are very privileged to be your parents!
We have a joyful anticipation of what the Lord has planned for you in the future.  Your strong interest and growth in theology will serve as a firm foundation on which you will be able to build.  Your passion for history will be a great asset as you are able to look at the events of the past and see the providential work that God has accomplished for His specific purposes.  We are excited to see how the Lord will weave your gifts, talents, interests, and passions in a dynamic life work for His honor and glory.
Our charge to you is that you not allow yourself to be conformed to this world, but that you daily be transformed in the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).  This renewal will come through the consistent intake of Scripture and focusing your thoughts, words, and actions on the truth that the Lord has provided in His Word.  The Bible is sufficient for every area of life and it will serve you well insofar as you know its teaching, rightly interpret its meaning, and faithfully apply its precepts, patterns, and principles.
Jordan, we love you very much and thank the Lord for the gift that He has given us in you!  Happy 18th Birthday, Jordan!
Love Always,
Dad and Mom