Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hairstyle Gallery ~ Number 1

Welcome to my hairstyle gallery! Or at least, the hairstyle gallery I have so far. Styling my hair is my "hobby" you could say, among a few other things. I've been growing my hair out for a long time... about 4 years. With hair this thick and heavy, I like coming up with hairstyles to keep the hair off my neck - and pretty ones to boot!

Some of these hairstyles are harder than others, but I enjoy a challenge.

These are (some of) the styles I've done so far:

Dutch Braid Bun (with flexi!)

Side French Braid

Double Intertwined French Braided Updo

Four French Braided

Messy Fishtail Braid

Curly Messy Bun

Double Rope Twisted Bun

Snake Braid Rolled Updo

Dutch Braid Vertical Bun (with flexi!)

Cris-Cross Spiral Bun (with flexi!)

Waterfall Braid (with flexi!)

Double Rope Updo

Rolled Braid Side Bun

Double Dutch Braids with Messy Waves

Triple Intertwined Pancaked Dutch Braid Updo

If you want the link of the tutorial of this hairstyle that I did, here it is:

Mouse Ears :)

Double Dutch Braid Rolled Updo

Rope Twisted Pinwheel Bun


If you're wondering how long my hair is right now...

Just a litte below my waist. 

Have you seen "Beyond the Mask"? Well, I tried to duplicate one of Charlotte's hairstyles (Charlotte is the heroine of the movie) three different times.  I hope to duplicate more soon! ;)

First attempt.

Second attempt.

And the third attempt. 

This is the original picture of that hairstyle.

You can't really see the back of it, though. But basically, it's a bunch of pincurls, or loops, pinned onto the center back of her head. 

I hope you enjoyed these hairstyles! I definately enjoy creating them. :)

In Christ,


Hannah said...

Pretty hairstyles! I love Princess Leia's hairstyle. :)

I've done the Waterfall braid before too! It's soooo pretty.

Faithful Legacy said...

Thanks, Hannah!!!

Princess Leia's hairstyle is a favorite of my whole family. :D Whenever I walked into a room, everyone couldn't help but laughing! I couldn't either every time I looked in the mirror. :)

They are pretty, aren't they? Waterfall braid, waterfall twist, and double waterfall twists are all so pretty! For a long time I couldn't understand how to do it. Although I'd read a million different tutorials, it was so confusing for me! Until I found the book "DIY Hairstyles" by Sasha Coefield. Amazingly easy for me to understand! I was so glad!!!


Nathan A. Wright said...

It is uncanny how much you look like Leia in that one picture... I mean your face, too!

Faithful Legacy said...

Oh! :) Well thank you, Nathan!!