Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer in Color!

You might be thinking - "but summer is already in color!" You're right. ;)

As I did in April, I'm writing a nature post. One of my favorite subjects to photograph! Not only plants, but we have some reptiles too!

Lots of daisies are in bloom right next to our porch.

They keep spreading!

This is a magenta Snap Dragon. I thought we'd pulled them all out last fall, but I guess we didn't!

I took this one in the late afternoon, so the sun was at the perfect spot for this shot.

Part of the view from our backyard.

Guess what? We have two garter snakes around our yard! This is the smaller of the two.

We found this little toad on the railing of our deck. He was difficult to get off, but I did manage. 

Off the railing, but not off the deck yet.

So I tried to catch him.

It worked!

Or, maybe not.

This little toad was so jumpy! I finally got him into a jar so I could take him off the deck and on solid ground. My little sister came running over to me when I brought the toad down in the jar, and said that she wanted to hold him. I told her she could, and as soon as I took my hand off the top of the jar, the toad wouldn't come out! I gently picked him up and out, and he jumped from my hand onto my little sister's arm! She laughed and laughed and the toad kept jumping higher and higher up her arm! Finally he jumped off and away.

Being inspired by the toad we'd found, my little sister decided to take some time to try to find another one, but unfortunately, she didn't find any.

We usually find at least one toad every summer, sometimes more than one. Fun, isn't it?

In Christ,

Amara Jachim


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's always fun finding toads, frogs, and things. :-) I saw a huge leopard frog when I was watering my flowers Saturday. :-) I also saw an adult garter snake chasing a leopard frog earlier this summer. :-) Never saw an adult garter here before. I tried to catch him, but he got away.
I have some swallowtail caterpillars on our rue plants, too. :-)
Y'all sure do have some pretty daisies. :-) We've had some that looked just like that before, but for some reason they never seem to come back. Instead, we have lots of brown-eyed susans this year. :-)
And, we also have lots and lots of hummingbirds. :-)


Faithful Legacy said...

Hi Jessica!

I like leopard frogs, although I don't think we get them around here often. They sure look neat!
So cool! I saw a swallowtail butterly today, and they are beautiful! We don't have many butterflies, though.
I like daisies too, but brown-eyed susans are lovely! We don't have any here. At least, not on our property. :-D
Hummingbirds! I love hummingbirds! But not many come by us. :( I should plant some flowers they like. Then they might come!! :)
I planted some Cosmos seeds, and California Poppies. :) They haven't come up yet, though.

In Christ,


Anonymous said...

We have lots of bright-lights cosmos, and they're one of my favorites. They look like they should glow in the dark, they're so bright. :-) We have lots of zinnias, too. We had a few poppies, but their blooming season is done here. We also have Grandpa Ott's morning glories, and they're quite pretty, too.
You could always try to put up a hummingbird feeder; it's not that hard to do. We have 11 set up now. :-) But if you don't want to, and want to plant flowers instead, keep in mind that red is a hummingbird's favorite color! We have some Texas stars this year for the first time, that my aunt sent me, and they have huge red blooms. Guess what flower the hummingbirds are attracted to, even though the hummingbird could literally fit in the flower comfortably! :-)


Faithful Legacy said...

So interesting, Jessica!! I like zinnias and morning glories!
That's a good idea about the feeder! I'll have to see about planting some red flowers next summer. :) It's probably too late for them now. Thanks for the ideas!! :)