Friday, August 28, 2015

Guess What?

Big news! (at least, for me) I just got my hair cut! Yes, that's right. A haircut.

And you're thinking "So? Amara, that's not real exciting." You're right. A regular trim isn't very exciting. 

But you see, for me, this is different. I cut off over half of my hair, meaning it is now just below my shoulder (in the front, because the front is longer than the back just a little).

And now you're thinking "Why did you do that?" 
The short answer is easy... I wanted it shorter! :)
The long answer is I wanted it shorter, because it got in my way a lot, it took me forever to fix every morning, and, I was in need of a change. Although I did kinda like my long hair, I suddenly decided to change it up, and cut it shorter.

Do I like it? No, I don't. I love it!!!

Having shorter hair doesn't give me so many headaches! You see, because my hair was so long, thick, and heavy, it did give me headaches.

So, do you want to see some pictures? If you do (or don't) here they are:

We ponytailed it before our hairdresser cut it off. 

Nope, I wasn't nervous, because I knew what I wanted. EVEN THOUGH SHE'S CUTTING OFF A LOT OF MY HAIR!!!
I could literaly feel my head get lighter once she finished!

There it is! Almost 13 inches long. 

And here's how it looked when she finished!

Yes, I really do love it. It's so easy to take care of!

And, just because my hair is short, and I won't be able to do most of the styles in my previous post, doesn't mean I still can't do some fun ones! Like the one below:

It's a lace fishtail tieback. Fun!

What am I going to do with my long ponytail? Well, to be honest, I'm not sure yet. I might donate it, I might sell it, I don't know. Yet. 

There you go! "The New Amara." :)

In Christ, 

Amara Jachim

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