Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Not Too Late!


You need to sign up for Evenings with Victoria Botkin. The Botkin Family is a wealth of godly wisdom. We women need to be bolstered in the truth. She is uncompromising in regards to what God's Word says, she is an encourager, and she has a sweet, gentle way of speaking. I have already been so blessed by the one session we have had so far.

The session runs for 9 weeks every Monday evening. She has had one session already, but you can still sign up and get the missed session (and any session thereafter) as a download. I have actually re-listened to the session to make sure I have gleaned all I can. I am confident I will do this with every session.

Here is where you can read comments from others, plus listen to a sample of this past Monday's talk:

Here is where you can get more information, as well as signing up:

David and the boys did the same thing on Saturday mornings with Geoff Botkin. Great stuff. I think they plan to do another men's session later on.

Ladies, we need all the help we can obtain to become the women God intended us to be. Seize every opportunity you can in order to get that help.

God bless you.


Becki said...

I've joined too and have loved the sessions.
I am in real need of an older woman to mentor me. So glad to know you're there too, Jill. My computer crashed so I have no email addresses to email you back.

I'm hoping to see you in a few weeks.

Faithful Legacy said...

I'll e-mail you!!
Hooray for Liberty Day! I can see my dear friend! Hopefully your little herd won't be having their babies then! Just tell your animals they have to wait!