Friday, March 26, 2010

The Brave Squire - Ye Olde Essay Contest Entry

Each of our children (except our newest little blessing) and I (David) submitted stories to "Ye Olde Essay Contest" from The Vision Forum. The assignment was to write a compelling story that told the tale of what was depicted on the cover of their 2010 catalog. Pictured on this cover was a king knighting a young man who was kneeling beside the tail of a dragon who had obviously been slain. Looking on this knighting ceremony beside the king is a fair young maiden. Click here to view this catalog (which contains many God-honoring books, DVDs, CDs, and toys that all make great gifts).

While none of us won the contest, we all enjoyed writing these stories. We even had a special night where each of the authors read their stories (complete with a make-shift podium) to our beloved family audience. We all agreed that essays sounded very true to the author that penned them. We hope that each one of them will be a blessing to you.

This first story was written by 8-year-old Amara and is titled "The Brave Squire".

Once upon a time, there was a big dragon who scared all the people that lived in the king’s village. The dragon was very fierce, and breathed fire. He also showed his teeth to everyone. The king wanted to have the dragon be fought. But the knights were afraid, so they went to the king. The head of all the knights began. “Your Majesty, someone needs to fight the dragon, but we are too scared of it with its fire and teeth.” But Jacob the squire was not very afraid. He had been practicing as a page to fight and finally became a squire.

“Well, who will fight the dragon?” asked the king.

“I do not know,” said the knight. “I suppose you will have to find someone, Your Majesty. Good-bye.”

The knights left the castle and went near the stable. “I see you are taking good care of my horses.”

“Thank you,” said the squire. And they passed by.

After a while, the king walked to the squire. “There is a big dragon, and no one is going to fight it.” With that, he walked away.

The squire hurried to his sword and helmet, and practiced against a tree. Late that night when the squire was back in the castle, he saw some fire coming out of the forest. “Now I wonder why that is,” thought the squire. So he walked to the forest to get a better look. Then he saw the big dragon. “I must fight it.” He grabbed his weapons and started fighting.

The squire fought all night with the dragon. In the morning, the squire won! The king watched closely as Jacob fought the dragon, without Jacob even knowing it.

“Jacob!” said the king.

Jacob, hearing this, ran to the king and asked, “What can I do for you?”

“Come to my royal garden. Then I will tell you there,” replied the king.

As they walked, Jacob thought, “I wonder what we are doing?”

“We will see the princess there,” said the king. “Here we are,” he announced as they came to the princess.

“Hand me the sword, princess,” he whispered.

“Yes, sir.”

“Now,” the king announced, “I am going to knight you.”

Jacob knelt to the king. So, the ceremony started. The king began. “I knight thee Sir Jacob.”

And everyone in the village felt safe.


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