Sunday, October 4, 2015

Proof We Were Extras in Beyond the Mask

Our DVD for Beyond the Mask arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, and we immediately watched it. We were very careful to pause at the places our family was extras, because, of course, we'd want to see ourselves in a "real movie!" 

So the other day, I stopped the movie and took screen captures of the scenes we're in...

This red arrow indicates that the person being pointed at is Aidan.

The red arrows here are where I am in the movie the first time. :)

And, because I was just so thrilled that I got to be behind the lead charater, William Reynolds, here is another one of me in that same scene.

This is me later in the movie. I'm very blurry, but I recognized my mob cap and bun right away.

That person in the background is my dad. As you'll see, he did get in several scenes. 

In this picture, there are three red arrows. (like you needed me to tell you that!)
The first one (from left to right) is Aidan, the second one Jordan, and the third one is my dad.

This one is blurry too, but that is Aidan.

The red arrow pointing at the black hat, is Jordan.

All of these scenes are after Will arrives in America.

There was one scene that my dad was cut out of, and another one where my mom was cut out. That was very disapointing, but our names did get in the credits! Some even more than once. 

I'll let you find our names -- "What if I don't know them?" you ask? Ah, the information you need is in front of your eyes. I'll leave it to you to find our names and where they are in the credits--a little treasure hunt! :)

Okay, I HAVE to do a little innocent advertising.

Haven't seen Beyond the Mask? Now's your chance! You can order Beyond the Mask online at, along with all the fan products listed in more detail in my previous post. In fact, it might still be in Walmart. 

I'm done with my advertising...for now.

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Sarah B. said...

That's so neat! It must be a blast to be part of a movie like that. :D

Faithful Legacy said...

It was, Sarah!! The costumes, the hair, the acting (yes, even extas have to act a little!), and the sets were all fantastic! And then seeing the finished! It turned out really amazing, I think. :)


Nathan A. Wright said...

Cool! Now I can finally see where you were!