Thursday, October 29, 2015

Autumn! Here and Gone

Welcome again, dear readers! It's been officially fall for a little while, but just recently the trees started turning around here. And it seems one day they're beautifully colorful and then - in a flash - they're gone. Never to be seen until next year. But, I did get some pictures of trees around us! Yes, you've probably seen trees like this before...but do you really think, and I mean THINK about their beauty?

Anyway, here are the pictures.

This is one of the trees on our property. (you probably guessed that!)

Here is another one. The leaves are all gone now!

This is the view from our backyard. Looks like something out of a story, doesn't it? Gray sky, falling leaves, cold wind, you know, a good start to a story.

"Breathlessly, she ran through the bushes, dodging the trees and fallen logs. She tightly gripped the letter in her numb hands. Although she was tired, she knew that there wasn't a moment to lose, and she ran as fast as possible making zig zags in case they saw her. Gasping for air, Audrey finally found the log cabin she was looking for, and pounding mercilessly on the door, she waited for an answer. Every second was precious..."
(excerpt from the short story "Haze Across the Border" by Amara--that's me!)
See? It's the perfect setting for a story. :) In fact, this picture inspired me to write "Haze Across the Border" in the first place! 

This a close up of a leaf. Can you guess what kind?
It's a maple.

Again, more trees.

See that orange thing on the dead flower? It's a bug. I don't know what kind, though. 
An orange kind!

And, while I was trying to take pictures, my little sister was petting the neighbor's cat that came to visit.

Do you like writing short stories, too? I love doing it, and have several in the works, as well as a long, book-sized one I'm in the middle of, and too many ideas for other ones!

Thanks for wading through yet another of my posts! ;)

In Christ,


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