Sunday, June 21, 2015

You Know You're a "Beyond the Mask" Fan, If...

1. You've seen the movie in the theater at least once.

2. You've seen the trailer, watching it almost frame by frame.

3. You have the official "Beyond the Mask" poster in your room.

4. You understand what William Reynolds whispers in the "Christmas Sizzle Reel".

5. You even know what the "Christmas Sizzle Reel" is.

6. You were a Theater Captain, or really, really wanted to be one.

7. You could barely sleep the night before you were going to see "Beyond the Mask" in the theater for the first time.

8. Watching "Beyond the Mask" makes you want to be in the movie industry.

9. You listen to the "Beyond the Mask" soundtrack almost every single day.

10. You argue about what the choir is singing in the windmill scene.

11. You LOVE Charles Kemp's Indian Jacket.

12. You were an extra, or really, really, REALLY wanted to be one!

13. You wish "Beyond the Mask" would forever be in theaters.

14. You've watched all the "Beyond the Mask" promo videos, including interviews with the actors.

15. You know a lot of behind-the-scenes information about "Beyond the Mask".

16. You have most of the lines in the movie memorized, and quote them during the day.

17. You can't pronounce the word 'last', "last", but more like "lahst" after you saw "Beyond the Mask".

18. You are going to buy the DVD as soon as it comes out.

19. There is nothing you want to change about "Beyond the Mask", because you think it's amazing just the way it is!

20. You know what "EIC" stands for.

21. You've been trying to come up with "You Know You're a 'Beyond the Mask' Fan, If...".

So, in case you can't tell...I'm a HUGE fan of "Beyond the Mask"!

But what if you haven't seen it yet? You have hope! Go to to get tickets, so you can see this movie! You do NOT want to miss this. I've seen it a few times, (I'd love to see it more) and it is just as awesome every time!!! 

In Christ,

Amara Jachim


Hannah said...

I sooooo want to see it!! The boys and Dad have, but not me! I think I'll be able to see it once the DVD comes out and we buy it (if we do!)

You know what, you should really make a video of this blog post! Like these: and


Nathan A. Wright said...

This is my new all-time favorite movie.

Faithful Legacy said...

That's wonderful, Nathan!!!! It's our favorite, too. :) Where did you first hear about "Beyond The Mask"?


Faithful Legacy said...

I'm sorry for the delayed response, Hannah!

The DVD is coming out on September 8. :) I can't wait!!!!!

Making a video about this blog post would be a blast! I'll have to see if I can... I'm not making any promises here, though. What fun! ;)


Hannah said...

Yay, I hope we get the DVD!

Nathan A. Wright said...

Sorry I didn't chance to see your response until now! I first heard about it from Sarah B., but our family heard about it from the Detwilers, who you may know from Memverse, and who go to our church.