Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Liberty Day History Display from 2011--pt. 1

More history!

We entered the history contest for Liberty Day 2011 again...and won again! We are so amazed and humbled. God clearly led David to our topic of the American Civil War, and we shook our heads in amazement all through the conference as the speakers talked about many of the things we discovered during our research for the display. God certainly had a message for the attendees that weekend!

We will post all our display board entries in parts like we posted for our 2010 display board. We should have kept track of our time involved, but we figured roughly that we probably have 200 hours collectively invested in making this display (including research, writing, designing, editing, computer "drawing" soldiers, cutting out and mounting soldiers, sewing the tablecloth, etc.). Whew! :-)


Anonymous said...


I was hoping you were going to do a series of posts on this!

Andrew R.

Faithful Legacy said...

Bless your heart Andrew! We're so glad that someone is enjoying these. We certainly enjoyed the process--even though it was time consuming!
You keep us on our toes here! We can't slack off on posting!
Mrs. Jachim