Thursday, February 5, 2009

Changing Shape--Month 4

Here is the next installment of "See How She Grows", taken at about 16 weeks. I should have worn something else, as the difference is not quite as noticeable in this outfit. But, there are hardly any of my normal clothes I can get into anymore! I am still planning on sewing a few things.....but at the rate I get stuff like that done, I will be out of everything I own, with nothing that fits to put on. That would put me into quite a quandry! Anyone know of a couple great maternity dress and skirt patterns? I would like pretty, long, and not too difficult to sew--if that is not asking too much! I am willing to guess that Lady Victoria has an idea or two for me, marvel seamstress that she is.

Vicki? :-)



Vicki said...

I have lots of patterns! I'll look through them and send you some pictures. I have lots of nursing patterns too. :)

Faithful Legacy said...

I KNEW you would know something I could get somewhere!! I have done some looking online, but so far I have only found really short, hip, not-for-me type patterns.

The hunt is on!

Ah, it pays to have friends in high places! lol!


Christine R. said...

What a sweet picture. I'm so thankful your pregnacy is going well!