Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pajamas for Aidan

To appease the masses who have been hounding me about my braided rug, I will show what I have been up to. It is not the rug, but I have been busy with more important handiwork:

Warm flannel pajamas for my Aidan! Finding pajamas in stores that we can actually approve is a rather daunting task. There is nothing suitable out there. So, Aidan chose these two fabrics (green with lizards, blue with soccer balls) some months ago. They have been sitting in my sewing "stuff" for quite awhile, with me never getting around to making them. I finally got past the overwhelming fatigue of early pregnancy, and then the busyness of Christmas, and could sit down and get them done.
The pattern is from a boys sewing instruction book called Buckles and Bobbins. The pattern is very easy to follow, and since I have made so many of these pajamas (winter and summer versions) for both boys, it went quickly. I did not have to study the instructions for 20 minutes at a time to figure out what on earth they are telling me to do! I have that happen with some patterns!
Am I off the hook for the time-being on the rug? I do have some nightgowns for Amara yet to make, as well as finishing a dress I started for her, and I would also like to sew some maternity dresses (from where?) since they are also impossible to find in a long length. Busy, busy, busy. Poor unfinished rug.

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Vicki said...

Cute! I love all the flannel prints you can get these days! I also really like that Buckles and Bobbins book. Daniel learned to sew and has made the duffel bag and the bike bag. The patterns are easy to follow! Have fun sewing. : )