Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Braided Rug

I always have several projects going at once. There are just too many wonderful things with which to keep busy! I do love the process of using my hands to create items for my home and family that are useful and also hopefully beautiful.

One of my current projects is a braided rug. For a few years, I have been looking at my husband's exercise equipment as it lies on a flattened cardboard box put there to protect the basement floor. I disliked the way it looks, but certainly did not want to spend decorating money on something for the exercise area! So, I started thinking, "why don't I make a rug?" It can't be THAT hard if other people can make them. I was envisioning something lovely, useful, and practically free that I could enjoy making.

I've gotten loads of free pants to cut into strips for the braids. I got tired of cutting them and felt I was never going to get anywhere. Around the same time I tired of my task, my son, Jordan, wanted a job to make some money. I seized upon this golden opportunity to get the strips cut. He loved it. It was not difficult, just time-consuming. Actually, it was very time-consuming. My "free" rug has now cost me a lot of money!

I am still enjoying the process. I hope that putting my project on here for the "world" to see will motivate me to keep at it! My crocheted afghan took me about 18 years of working off and on (obviously more "off" than "on") to finish. I don't plan to take quite that long....

Here are the strips of old pants, all cut, rolled, and ready to go. Aren't they colorful? I think they will make a lovely rug.

And here is the very little bit I have braided so far.

The plan is to make a 4' X 6' rug. We'll see.....



Anonymous said...

hi jj! i'm gonna check your progress on this project! tessa started one of these and says it's a lot of fun. what a great job to give to your son! how much did he earn? can i come cut some strips too? (:

Faithful Legacy said...

Hi Bridgette!

No one else calls me JJ--I'd know you anywhere! lol!

Sorry to cheat you out of a job, but they're all cut now. :-) (And I'm not telling how much he made--mostly because I don't know! I paid hourly and pay day was each week. They really take a LONG time! It was probably a total of at least 30+ pairs that we did. It was a lot! Honestly, I don't WANT to know the total I paid him...)

Better hound me to keep at it! I tend to take a long time on projects!

What is Tessa making out of her braids? What is she making it with?

Gee, are we racing now, Tessa? I hope your project is 10X the size of mine if we are racing--that's the only way I have any hope of remaining in the race!