Monday, September 29, 2008

Godly Principles for Financial Stewardship: Commitment #6

Providing an inheritance for future generations.

I am sure that you have seen the signs and bumper stickers that state “I am spending my children’s inheritance”. While that statement may be the truth of what they are indeed doing, that attitude is entirely anti-Biblical. Consider the following verse from God’s Holy Word:

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children (Proverbs 13:22, KJV)

Now the inheritance that we should be leaving should be first and foremost a faithful legacy to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In addition, we should be working to provide a financial inheritance for future generations. In this way, we will be modeling an important trait of God’s nature of provision to those who stem from our family line. We are committed to establishing a faithful legacy that will extend for many generations into the future and a part of the legacy that we are planning to leave is a financial inheritance for our children and our children’s children. In addition, we will be leaving a charge to our progeny to continue to follow in a path of righteousness that includes planning for the future inheritance that they will be leaving for those who are yet unborn.

Final Conclusion

I believe that each of us will be well served to adopt these six commitments for godly financial stewardship just outlined from the principles of God’s Holy Word. As we all seek to honor God with our finances, may He be pleased with our efforts and may He grant us the gifts that only He can give!

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