Monday, March 28, 2011

Liberty Day History Display from 2010--pt. 2

Timeline from 1000 A.D. to 2010 featuring the split between the Renaissance and the Reformation.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! I see the "decline of family worship" there. Oh so true.

Sorry y'all couldn't make it Sunday-hope you're doing okay.

I concur on "Separation of Church and State"-I'm really tired of hearing professed Christians mouthing that mantra. While the institutions are not biblically the same, "Separation of Church and State" is usually just a clever phrase obscuring a real desire to separate GOD and state. Erastianism (state tyranny over the Church) is horrible and ungodly, but humanism in the state isn't any better.

BTW, The Bill of Rights does not forbid American government from involvement on laws regarding matters of religion-it merely specifically prevents Congress from doing so because of states' rights and jurisdictions. Congress nonetheless must be subservient to the law of God and operate in a God-fearing manner.

Congratulations on an excellent display this year too! Concurred wonderfully with Dr. Morecraft's message-I hope lots of people came back from Liberty Day at least committed to reexamine their views (I know a couple of people myself).

Buaidh no Bas,

Andrew Romanowitz

Faithful Legacy said...

Thank you for your kind and articulate comments, Andrew! We, too, are sorry we missed worshiping with all of you last Sunday. We simply ran out of time with trying to figure out where we were driving. We cut it too close. We were all very disappointed.

We were amazed at the connection between Dr. Morecraft's message and our display. It was as if we knew his topic beforehand, but we did not know. God simply had a message for this particular group and led Mr. Jachim to choose this topic after much prayer.

We enjoyed your valediction--gave us something new to learn: Victory or Death! :-)

God bless,
Mrs. Jachim

p.s. Thank you for reading our blog (and Jordan's). Mr. Jachim and Jordan both are great writers. They desire to write for God's glory, but there's not much point in writing if there is no one to read.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Jachim,

I'm really sorry to hear that. All things in God's providence, I suppose- though it is hard to understand the reasons sometimes!

(Commit your works to the Lord, and your plans will be established. Pro. 16:3)

If y'all want more blog readers, I could probably try and "round some up" for you! I know some young men who are looking for good blogs out there...perhaps that would be an encouragement to post more often( :) ? ).

By the way, my friend Peter Bringe (lead fifer for the Western Plains Fife & Drum corps that played at liberty day) has a great blog over at'all might want to look at it.

Buaidh no Bas,

Andrew R.