Friday, May 8, 2009

Changing Shape--Month 7

Finally, an update!

Here I am at week 30. I feel like my middle is going to explode sometimes! Then I remember I still have 2 months of growing to do. Wow. It is truly amazing how much skin can stretch! Lol!

I cannot believe how fast this time has gone. I am not through my huge list of to-do items. I feel like I will never finish it all. And now, I am starting to need a few naps a week. I guess I am slowing down a bit. It is getting near the end. We are so thrilled. But I need "time" to slow down! I want to get stuff done!!! :-) I am trying to prioritize the tasks now according to those which would be a disaster to not have done before baby (car seat, etc.!). Also, I am outgrowing some of my maternity clothes (go ahead and laugh--it is unbelievable, I know), so that goes up high on the list, too. I will just keep plugging away at it all...



Pete said...

looking good my michigan friend! happy for the update. doing fine here too. big as well. miss you!! many many hugs~ bridgette

Christine said...

You're beautiful Jill!


Becki said...

You are so lovely, Jill! It's good to "see" you.
Miss you!