Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Changing Shape--Month 6

I had told my children long ago that I get pretty big in pregnancy. I told them that about month 6, I start hearing people (who do not know my due date) say things like, "You must be due any time!" and "You are getting close, I'm sure!" and the like, and then I watch with amusement as their eyes pop wide open and their jaws drop upon being told that I actually have 2 or 3 months yet to go.

Well, a couple weeks ago, they witnessed this event of which I had been telling them. In the course of our polite chit-chatting with a new acquaintance, the gentleman said something like, "I see you have another one on the way. You must be nearing the end, eh?" To which I replied with a chuckle that the baby was not due until middle of July (conversation took place the end of March). He looked incredulous and said, "Oh! I guess you have really big babies then!" Definitely. 9lb 5oz, 8lb 12oz, 9lb 9oz. Go figure. I am 5'2" and weigh somewhere around 110-115lbs. This does not go together!!

So, here you go--the latest photos of my blessedly growing child within (at almost 26 weeks):

I made this dress from a pattern from Vicki. It turned out nice, but I chose too heavy of a fabric! It is pretty stiff! I'm always learning....
What do you think of the new hairdo? All I did was get some bangs cut. I love it. Suddenly I look so much younger! :-) I have not had bangs for 7 years. I started growing out my very layered hair to all one length when I was pregnant with Amara. She is going to be 8 in July, so I have had one length hair for a long time. I grew it to my waist (which was something I had always wanted) once, and have kept it fairly long ever since. I will keep the long hair which I like, and now I have some bangs! The only problem that I have found with it so far is that they are bugging me after 2 weeks, so I will have to trim them regularly. One length hair is so much more forgiving while growing! Small price to pay for feeling better about how you look, right?


Vicki said...

You look beautiful! I love your little "bump." LOL! The dress looks great too, I'm glad it turned out so well.:)

Faithful Legacy said...

Aren't you sweet, Vicki! :-)
That dress is the second one I made from that pattern. The first one you can see (sort of) on the anniversary photos. It is a denim with all this fancy stitching all over it. I have gotten many compliments on that one. Thankfully, no one can look close at it! There are a few less than perfect areas. The red one was easier because it was the second time through (I got the pleats perfect this time!), but the fabric was harder to work with. Now, to choose another pattern to tackle. First, I need to finish a dress for Amara in time for Resurrection Sunday....

Becki said...

Well your lovely either way! I, too, love your 'bump'. I saw the denim dress and I didn't see any imperfections. Anything that "may" have seemed out of place was merely creative artistry!

Girlfriend, I do NOT know how you could fit a 9 pound baby in there! Good grief! *wink*

Your hair is beautiful too. Pregnancy suits you well, Jill.