Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary, My Beautiful Bride!!

It is with great joy that I wish my dearly beloved a very happy 19th anniversary!!


I love you with an undying love that would willingly lay down my life for you! I am committed to not only sacrifice for you in a moment of heroism should duty call me to protect your very safety and well-being, but also to put you ahead of myself in the day-to-day activities of our joyous lives together! It is a great blessing to be married to you as my best friend and I am grateful to be planning, dreaming, and laboring together in our journey on this earth to carry out our family mission and establish a legacy of faithfulness that extends far into the future!

You are a very dear help-meet to me and I am privileged to have you as mother to our precious children. Your love and loyalty to me, as well as to our family, is a tremendous gift that you have given to each one of us. May you be filled with wisdom, joy, peace, and contentment in your role as my wife and as a keeper at home.

I love you dearly, Jill, and I hope that this day will be a very special celebration of the anniversary of our covenant union as husband and wife! Happy anniversary, sweetheart, and may your heart be like mine in overflowing with much fondness and affection as you reflect on our lives together in our marriage partnership.

Forever Yours,


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